[2016 / 02 / 16]

Welcome to the new Visual Disturbances website!

hello, everyone, and welcome to our new website!

let's get down to business. we're sure you've noticed that our music is now, somewhat suddenly, paywalled and we figure that you're wondering what exactly could have prompted this redesign and sudden change in business strategy.

well, the short answer is that we are now partnered with Sound Distribution Strategies, and in the process of finalizing the deal (something that involves quite a lot of paperwork!), we figured it would also be wise to design a new website that lays a better foundation for releases to come. there were already certain things that we were dissatisfied with regarding our old site, and when PIVOTAL came to us with the offer of wanting to work on a site update around the same time that SDS got in contact with us and spirit waves had enough free time to handle the immense data input requirements that an overhaul would require, we decided it was the best course of action to take. the stars were aligned, and so, pivot and spirit waves went to work and whipped up the beautiful work of art that you're seeing now. (ain't it pretty?)

so, what does this partnership mean for VD? well, the positives of this partnership are that our music will now be available on digital retailers such as spotify, itunes, and tidal. it will be much easier for it to reach a much larger audience! i can't tell you how many times i've personally had the issue in the past of people asking me in person about our music and then being unable to navigate the website. the unfortunate fact is that the average person doesn't really know what zip files or v0 MP3s are, nor do they want to try messing around with them when there are other services that adopt a much more simple "press play and listen" approach. we concluded that being able to get our music out there to a wider audience was worth it.

so, what's the catch?

unfortunately, things come at a price. the tradeoff in this case is that the tenet of always free music had to go. getting our works onto a wider digital marketplace costs money, time, and other resources that we currently don't independently have access to. it also requires a price for the album itself to even be listed on most marketplaces, not to mention accounting for fees and such as well. for most albums, this price is $5, with a few being $2, $3, and $4 depending on a myriad of other factors, mostly regarding length.

we had many long conversations about it, and decided that our music was of a high enough quality to warrant being paid content. do not fear, though, we will still occasionally release free things from time to time when it is appropriate, but we strongly felt that making it easier for the average consumer to find our music in the first place was fairly important. after all, we are all artists who put our entire heart and soul into everything that we do and we all dream of one day being able to live off of the work that we spend crafting out of our blood, sweat, & tears. the first step for this to even remotely be a possibility in recent times is to make sure our art is available to as many potential listeners as possible. this label was initially founded because we figured that standing together would help get the word out about what we were doing. this is an extension of that philosophy.

we understand that not everyone is going to agree with this decision, and we invite anyone who feels frustrated to contact us and let us know what you're thinking. just shoot an email to

please keep in mind, however, that our creative vision is not being tampered with in any way. the guys at SDS are really cool (and have worked with a lot of our heroes!), and we are unbelievably enthusiastic about doing business with them. we would not work with anyone that we did not feel entirely comfortable with believing in. we still retain the same absolute freedoms that we had before, the only restriction is now that albums that are distributed by them must not be available for free. we think that this is a fair tradeoff for getting to keep doing exactly what we're doing while making the music more easily available for the average listener, no?

we have a lot of AMAZING talent on board for 2016, and many incredible projects in the works, and we can't wait to share them all with you! it's really looking like it's going to be our best year yet. :) we're absolutely thrilled. for now, please look forward to five star hotel's BODY ABSOLUTION, which will be available both digitally and on tape on march 15th.

thank you all so much for the fucking incredible support. we never could have anticipated what a wild, crazy ride the past two years would be, and we owe it all to you wonderful, wonderful people. "eternally grateful" is an understatement. we're overwhelmed every day by how we've found a way to connect with people through this weird thing that we've built, and you can rest certain that this club of oddballs will continue doing our ABSOLUTE BEST to bring you tunes that we love with everything we've got, that we create with every single drop of blood that our collective hearts can wring out. we love you all so very, very much.

thank you.

with love,

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