[2016 / 03 / 15]

Five Star Hotel's BODY ABSOLUTION is now available!

heya gang! how's it going? how're the kids? oh, glad to hear it!

well, we've got some news for ya, and i think you're gonna like it, so get comfy. i'll wait.
alright, ya ready?

well, peep this then. our old pal five star hotel (you remember them? one of the founders of this whole hellride? no? oh, okay. you should really hit the books, kid. i mean damn. that's like one of the first things you're supposed to know. you're never gonna make it as a big shot with an attitude like that. straighten up and fly right) has finally released their new record, body absolution, and we're all extremely jazzed for you to finally get to hear it. tapes are available and they are GORGEOUS. i really got an inklin' that you're gonna take a liking to it right there, pardner. put em up. another good ole album from good ole five star hotel.

hey, whistler, keep an eye to the ground willya? there's a lot more comin'. this upcoming second quarter is shaping up to be a wild ride in and of itself, and yer not gonna want to miss the train, or else you'll be regretting it as much as the people who didn't buy bitcoins! thankfully, there's ethereum...

with love,

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