[2016 / 04 / 05]

Album announcement: Spirit Waves - Impossible Virtue, out 04/15!

hey there buckaroo. you know, it's been a little under a month since i last saw ya, so i bet you're wondering "oh, what is it? what's uncle vd press release guy got under his sleeves THIS time?

well, i think you're gonna like it. yep, i think you're gonna like it a lot! in fact, i think you're gonna like it SO much, that you're gonna fall and hit your face or something. i'm pleased to announce that spirit waves has completed his most recent trek into the sonic abyss, IMPOSSIBLE VIRTUE, and will be releasing it on april 15th. following is a formalized release announcement as well as a small note from the big man himself.



"hi guys! spirit waves here to announce my 7th record, IMPOSSIBLE VIRTUE, which will be available on april 15th on the visual disturbances bandcamp, spotify, amazon music, itunes, tidal, etc.. this album is compiled of little tracks that came about here and there during the aftermath of NO HOME, as well as a few fragments from many years ago, and represents a more jealous, angry, bitter side of myself in relation to certain unfortunate happenings in my personal life. i'm not going to lie, i genuinely feel terrible about the lyrics of a few of these tracks, but that's just the nature of temporal emotion, and i think it is healthy and important to explore these parts of ourselves within our art, even if we really, really can't stand them.

i'm debuting the track BEADED today, which i hope is a good little teaser to get you excited for the album. the album itself isn't as epic or sprawling as the two other albums that i consider my "major" albums, she made me want to vanish. and NO HOME, but it is certainly a fantastic experience and uses its shorter runtime to great effect. i am currently hard at work on another record as well as preparations for a tour that should be going on in june/july, so stay tuned! i love you guys, and can't wait for you to hear this record! thanks for all the support.

~ otto william peyer iv aka SPIRIT WAVES (xoxo <3)"

Goes Out to You
Solid State
Is False Hope Still Hope?
Silver State (Intermezzo)
1 Txt Lvl
Anger Song

PREORDER (2015.04.15)

with love,

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