[2016 / 05 / 08]

Classical Trax - Architecture X & HUSTLE FLESH - HUSTLE FLESH are now available!

wow! can't believe i'm comin back @ ya so quickly after the last news update! gather round, folks. big news is afoot.

firstly, we got in touch with the good folks at classical trax and put out a mixtape compiled by the legendary dj rueckert! an hour and 48 minutes of big tunes for only $6. make sure to get your copy asap, they're gonna go fast! you can hear side A on the classical trax soundcloud, and we've got an excerpt of side B up on our own soundcloud. check it out!

secondly, today we're releasing an absolutely wonderful self-titled record from windsor, ontario's HUSTLE FLESH. seriously beautiful, beautiful stuff, with some pretty damn incredible production.

as always, there's more in the works that we can't wait to share with you, so stay tuned.

see you space cowboy,

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