[2016 / 07 / 23]

Mankid 2 is now available for preorder!

hey, i need to sit down next to ya to talk to ya about somethin'. scoot.

so, here's the deal: we've got a new release we're incredibly enthusiastic about sharing with you, but i gotta warn you... it's EXTREMELY hype. like, oh. my. god. you're not fucking ready for this shit. are you ready? (trick question---i already answered that for you, you're not! shut up, idiot!)

w-woah, hey, calm down. put the knife down. yeah, i can see it in your eyes... you're ready. i like that. that's good. i like that. that's good. yes. check out the official blurb below:

New York musician Sean Kelly takes a sonic leap forward with his latest unnerving, anxious work as Mankid. An enigmatic interview serves as the backbone of the record, while he presents his signature electronics and obliterating but intricate percussion on top. In 22 minutes, "Mankid 2" paints a full picture composed of gloomy, borderline cavernous soundscapes and crushing, yet tasteful noise.

we're confident that this record is going to kick your ass and take your name! you can preorder it here. more to come, as always. stay tuned.

tomorrow is forever all ours,

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