[2018 / 12 / 07]

VISUAL DISTURBANCES RETURNS! Five Star Hotel's Open Wound now available for download! Tapes coming soon!

hello! it's me, your pal otto! what?!? you don't recognize me???

gosh, it's been quite a while, hasn't it? sorry about that... though i'm sure you've had your own introductions to how life can be sometimes during the interim. still, we missed ye. pull up a chair and stay a while?

after a small hiatus that mel and i both needed to recharge, we're back. visual disturbances is, once again, operational. we don't know how long the machine will be churning for, or how often it will be helping to facilitate the laying of beautiful, beautiful golden eggs, but we are both determined to keep it chugging along for the foreseeable future, bringing you the absolute best that independent, auteur-crafted music has to offer.

and what a jewel of an egg we have for you today. i like to think of it as a "coming back" present. a brand new, kickass, mind blowing five star hotel album that will utterly rock you to your core, devastating and then rendering you entirely speechless. this is one of those albums that will have you taking a deep breath at the beginning only to find yourself holding it for the entire 43 minute runtime, exhaling only after the final electric shrieks have subsided.

it is an immaculately put together monolith that will absolutely destroy all that comes into contact with it, and to be completely frank, i personally think that it is mel's greatest work yet, and i feel infinitely blessed to have anything to do with her, this label, and the releasing of such fine, important music. from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who has ever supported a visual disturbances release, thank you. thank you so much. we would not be able to do any of this without you.

okay, enough being sappy. onto the actual press release.



Five Star Hotel - Open Wound cover

"in 2016 i started writing OPEN WOUND based on what were basically diary entries, logs of my mental health, that sort of stuff. originally it was a pretty soft album that i was singing on a lot of, and i performed this original material at dozens of shows in 2016 and 2017. no matter how hard i was pushing myself though the material never felt like it was amounting to anything coherent, especially not as an album.

i was pretty bummed and disappointed for a while at how much i ended up scrapping from the album as i felt like what i had made was probably my best stuff yet, but it didn’t feel right. life stuff became chaotic and my relationship with creativity and music was growing pretty sour. for a lot of reasons i became deeply insecure about my own art and for a while i seriously thought i was done making anything forever. it feels silly to say this when 2 years isn’t long at all for a creative project/album/whatever but this album was kind of a ridiculous uphill battle for me.

this year i spent a lot of time recovering from mental health issues but during that time (and after taking a chunk of time off from making things) i started to rediscover why i love music so much. i reimagined this album from the ground up focusing on what originally sparked my deep love of music, making crushing loud n ridiculous sounds. finishing this album with that attitude was extremely cathartic and rejuvenating in a lot of ways. i kept in bits and pieces of the original material going back to april ‘16, scrapped a lot, and reworked some to make it fit, but a good chunk of it is pretty new still. i’m excited to not just put this out but to move on to new projects cuz my brain is swimming with tons of inspiration and ideas right now after finishing this.

OPEN WOUND is about feeling weird as fuck about bodies, which are really weird to have, hating yourself and loving yourself, feeling a lot of dumb and ridiculous things and feeling dumb and ridiculous for it and wanting to scream about it at everyone but actually no one, and not having the words to scream in the first place, and feeling these things so much that you think that realistically you’re going to explode or just implode, and somehow having to learn how to break the cycle of these harmful cyclical thoughts, actions, feelings, whatever. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES!!!! and thanks to everyone who believed in me <3"

Hell Aurora
Worlds Forever
Energy State
Hexagoness Rising
Dumbass Retribution
Crisis Mode
Hell Girlz Reunited
Solar Retribution
Open Wound


you can take a listen and preorder one of the upcoming cassettes for OPEN WOUND here. more2come, <3<3<3 as always... and keep your ear to the ground.

love and respect,

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